PDF Haus Designs Givenchy's Luxury VR Goggles

PDF Haus Designs Givenchy's Luxury VR Goggles
November 25, 2017

This year design has immersed itself in the the world of virtual reality – google launched an AR/VR library, jeff koons displayed sculptures in hotspots all over the world using snapchat, and most recently vogue announced a partnership with apple to create VR fashion for the iphone X, so to imagine the industry’s future forays into the super-techy world of virtual and augmented reality doesn’t really seem that far fetched. korean-based studio PDF haus agree, recently focusing their efforts on a creative concept outlining VR goggles for givenchy.

PDF haus has imagined the futuristic yet super stylish givenchy VR goggles
all images courtesy of PDF haus


Jaehyun ha, of PDF haus studio has produced a concept of a series of VR goggles under the imaginary direction of givenchy,  informing their design by taking inspiration from the brand’s use of contrasting elements in terms of material, color, and product characteristics. the glasses combine virtual and augmented reality to allow users to experience and enjoy content more ‘realistically’, as opposed to browsing on a screen that is not all-consuming, say a phone or a computer or any other seemingly outdated device.

The goggles feature a padded head strap tinted lenses


The product features a VR lens which conveniently raises, allowing users to access the glasses AR capabilities. a type 2 design is also imagined, giving users a more natural design by using side arms more similar to a pair of standard glasses.

Foam padding on either side of the glasses makes the glasses comfortable to wear for long periods of time

The lenses allow users to adjust focuses when using their VR or AR functions.

Lifting the lens allows users to access the glasses AR capabilities

PDF haus has imagines a series of different coloured VR goggles

They have also altered a series of givenchy ads to imagine the marketing campaign for the imagined invention;

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