Paris Likes Playing VR Games At Home With BF

Paris Likes Playing VR Games At Home With BF
March 27, 2017

Paris Hilton doesn’t want people to assume she’s a dumb blonde. She no longer is on the front page of tabloids and parties anymore. Though she has a DJ gig, she turned into a businesswoman who goes home to cook dinner for her boyfriend Chris Zylka, reports theNew York Post.


“I never got out anymore because, ‘It’s Thursday night, and this club is cool’ – I’m completely over that now. I’d much rather be at home with my boyfriend, cooking, playing virtual-reality games, playing with the dogs. I’ve been to enough fun parties in my life. Enough to last many lifetimes.”


She met her actor boyfriend at an Oscars party at the Chateau Marmont. The two live together at her Beverly Hills home, which was featured in Sofia Coppola’s movie The Bling Ring. This is the first serious boyfriend for Hilton who has had her share of boyfriends over the years. Zylka was homeless when he first arrived in Hollywood. He also has nearly 20 tattoos. Despite their differences, Hilton is quite taken by him.


“Over the past few months, we fell in love, so I’m really happy,” Paris said. “Finally, a nice guy. We’re best friends. He’s, like, the perfect person. I literally don’t know what else I can ask for in life. I feel so lucky.”


Not only does Paris get paid $1 million for DJing, but her fragrances are also sold in 63 countries, making up to $3 billion in sales. She just released her latest scents, Gold Rush and Gold Rush Man. In addition, she has been following in the footsteps of her father Conrad Hilton in the hotel business. In 2013, she opened her first Paris Beach Club in the Philippines. She has plans to expand her hotel chains worldwide.


“People have misconceptions about me,” she said. “When I’m in front of them in a boardroom talking about my business, they know immediately I’m not the dumb blonde they thought I was.”


She makes most of her money from her DJ gigs. She has been playing at Ibiza-based club Amnesia in Spain for the past five years. Hilton is also known for her infamous Foam & Diamond parties. But now that she’s in a serious relationship, she wants to slow down.


“Now that I’m in a serious relationship, I don’t want to be in Ibiza for five months,” Hilton said. “There’s a lot that goes into it that people don’t realize. I trained for six hours a day for six months, every single day training with the best people in the business. I never played the same set twice.”

Paris Hilton is in love with her new boyfriend Chris Zylka. [Image by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for TAO]


It’s not just Paris’ lifestyle and clothing that’s getting more reserved these days. She revealed on an Australian television show that she voted for Donald Trump. The two have a connection since he signed Paris to his modeling agency when she was a teen. But Paris didn’t want to discuss why she willingly voted for Donald Trump in her New York Post interview.


In a Nov. 17 interview with Australia’s The Project, she was asked if she voted for her longtime family friend over the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. Hilton previously refused to reveal whom she voted for when she was approached by TMZ on Election Day.


“My mother [Kathy Hilton] told me to never talk about politics or money,” Paris said. “But you don’t listen to everything your mother says.”


During her appearance on the Australian TV show, the reality star said she loves it when her business ethic is compared to Trump’s.


“That is very flattering to hear, something like that, about the President of the United States,” she said.


She was reminded of the words Trump wrote for the back of her 2004 book, Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose.


“I have known Paris Hilton for much of her young life and have always recognized her as a great beauty,” the blurb read. “What people don’t know is that she is a great beauty on the inside as well.”

Paris Hilton no longer wears sexy and revealing dresses. [Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows]


“It’s pretty amazing,” Paris remarked. “I’ve known him my entire life and he’s always been incredibly supportive of me, so I’m very proud to have that on my book.”


If she ever runs for president, she joked in her New York Times interview that her slogan would be “Make America Hot Again.” She also said that she was only joking when she said the White House would be painted bubblegum pink.


[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows]

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