Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speech With VR

Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speech With VR
February 15, 2017

Being scared of speaking at a public stage is one of the common phobias.


Originating from the fear of being judged, the term is scientifically reffered as glossophobia, a Greek word derived from “Tongue” and “Fear”.


This anxiety is a real condition for many people. According to U.S. National Institute of Mental Health 74% of individuals suffer from speech anxiety and 3.2 million Americans have a fear of crowded or public places.


To this end, some companies are developing virtual reality coaching programs to overcome this fear. These programs offer potentially daunting virtual scenarios, to help users improve their condition in a safe environment.



This virtual reality experience is designed by Samsung. It offers 5 different scenarios such as, job interview, business lunch, team meeting, management presentation, and job fair. The company has also carried out a social program to help people use VR technology to realize their dreams and live life to its fullest. You can download the Be Fearless app on Gear VR for free.


Public Speaking VR

This virtual speech app provides photo realistic environments to overcome the fear of speaking in public. It offers small or large meeting room setups and even a wedding room scene to to practice wedding speeches. Public Speaking VR can be downloaded on Google, iOS or Gear VR for free.


Speech Center for VR

This educational platform offers a series of interactive lessons with virtual coaches, and the ability to practice solo. The first course ‘Making Public Speaking a Reality’ is presented by international journalist Sean Thomas. Second course ‘Handling Distractions During a Speech’ consists of 5 unique sessions with possible speech scenarios. Speech Center for VR is available on Gear VR for free.

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