Our VR/AR Future With VRLA Co-Founder John Root

Our VR/AR Future With VRLA Co-Founder John Root
June 18, 2017

This week we do a deep dive into a range of immersive media technologies from Motion Capture to Augmented Reality to our future lives in Virtual Space.

Guest: John Root; as a Co-Founder of VRLA, one of the largest Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gatherings in the world, John Root has seen it all coordinating with most of the leading VR studios. His experience runs deep in many technical aspects of emerging media — from a background in Motion Capture at top Hollywood VFX studio Digital Domain, to working with Magic Leap on cutting edge of Augmented Reality. 

Sparked by his deep interest in these emerging platforms, John has done extensive personal exploration into the neurology and psychology of what it will mean for us to live in an increasingly virtual world. So it’s no surprise that we had a fascinating conversation and a forward-thinking look into media tech.

More about John and VRLA at:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jroot_086

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