Opinion: VR Is Much More Fun When Shared

Opinion: VR Is Much More Fun When Shared
July 25, 2017

I’ve found myself getting back into virtual reality recently after my wife, Stephanie, asked me if she could play the launch game Audioshield. She remembered having a good time punching the notes from some of her favorite songs out of the air, but Stephanie stopped playing after getting pregnant.


Our baby is six months old, and she goes to sleep between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., which leaves us time at night to boot up Audioshield and a few other games. And here’s what I’ve noticed about VR after returning to it regularly for the first time in a couple of months: It’s still best with other people.


I like taking turns with Stephanie as we select songs for one another, but I also love getting online and playing with other people in something like Gorn. Developer Free Lives and publisher Devolver Digital released Gorn earlier this month as part of Steam’s Early Access program for unfinished games. It’s a gladiatorial combat sim, and it’s an absolute riot.


If I’m going to get over the hump of setting up VR (which is still a hassle even though I have a dedicated space and PC waiting for me to put on the headset), I’m only going to do it for social gaming experiences

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