Now You Can Work Out With Steph Curry, In VR

Now You Can Work Out With Steph Curry, In VR
March 16, 2017

The reigning two-time NBA MVP may be having a bit of an off-year (for him), but he still has all the same flashy moves that so many people wanted to see in person that, night in and night out, thousands showed up hours early for games just to watch the Golden State star do his pre-game practice routine. 

You may not have tickets to an upcoming Warriors game, but thanks to YouTube 360, you can check out that routine up close and personal. Today, the deodorant company Degree unveiled Stephen Curry: Motion in 360a 360-degree video that puts you on the court with the Baby-Faced Assassin. He's of course not the first athlete to be featured in a 360—LeBron James, for example, was the star of a 12-minute VR project produced by Felix and Paul last year. Still, it's a lot of fun to be placed right in the middle of Curry's explosive moves. And maybe what you see will be the spark that spurs him to recapture every last bit of the magic that led the Warriors to a record-breaking 73 wins last year.

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