Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel Offers VR 'Service'

Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel Offers VR 'Service'
April 6, 2018
Dennis Hof, centre, with his bunnies


The infamous brothel is "melding the sex industry’s newest technology with the world’s oldest profession”.


THE NOTORIOUS Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada – which touts itself as "the world's most famous legal brothel" – is introducing a virtual reality sex service to help fulfil its randy patrons' kinkiest fantasies.


And as the tech develops, these immersive experiences could even let clients get it on with their fave celebs, claims the Bunny Ranch's owner Dennis Hof.


“It certainly seems like where all this headed is that it won’t be long until you’ll be able to bring a simulated version of Scarlett Johannson or Angelina Jolie into a threesome with one of my hot bunnies” predicts the 71-year-old brothel magnate.


For now, VR headsets will be available inside the brothel's VIP bungalows, allowing punters to mix real sex with a prostitute with a virtual romp with a porn star or an explicit Japanese animated character (a XXX genre known as Hentai).


That's what the Bunny Ranch's highest-earning sex worker Alice Little specialises in.


She brings an Oculus Rift headset to work to give clients the physical sensation to go with the cartoon smut.


“While my client wears a headset and views VR hentai porn, I mimic the sensual actions of the animated character with my actual body creating an amazingly convincing sexual fantasy for my clients that yearn to get it on with an animated lover,” Little explained.


The Bunny Ranch is one of seven brothels owned by Hof that are dotted across desert towns in Nevada – the only US state where prostitution is legal.

GETTY - CONTRIBUTOR. VR porn is set to become a $1 billion industry by 2025


But his businesses have fallen on hard times recently, with the infamous Love Ranch brothel (where Khloe Kardashian's ex husband Lamar Odom overdosed) recently losing its license over unresolved fire sprinkler disputes.


That may explain why Hof is turning to saucy VR videos, which have already been embraced by the US porn industry, and are set to become a $1 billion money-spinner by 2025.


Meanwhile, the rise of fake celeb porn videos made using a dark piece of software called FakeApp indicates where the saucy tech could be headed.


Emma Watson, Arianna Grande and Taylor Swift are just some of the a-listers who've had their faces swapped with those of pornstars using the program.


For the uninitiated, VR videos are viewed through a headset and drop you in the middle of an adult scene, usually in the place of a male performer.


And according to Hof, slipping into the body of a well-endowed porn star is part of the fantasy for some blokes, as it helps them overcome self-confidence issues relating to penis size.

REX FEATURES.The Bunny Ranch will offer a VR headset in its VIP bungalows


“Some of The Bunny Ranch’s clients struggle in the ‘self confidence’ department when it comes to the size of their genitalia, and for these clients virtual reality allows them to assume the perspective of someone who is much more well endowed than they might be,” he said.


Yet there are fears the tech may one day replace sex work altogether, but Hof believes his business will move with the times and even into your living room.

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