Ninja Theory: VR Will Be “Dominant Form Of Gaming”

Ninja Theory: VR Will Be “Dominant Form Of Gaming”
August 5, 2017

Last year, Cambridge-based game developer Ninja Theory (DmC, Enslaved) released a 360-degree trailer for their upcoming action-adventure, Hellblade. The final game, due to release this month, features no VR support. However, in an interview with Wcftech, studio co-founder and Creative Director Tameem Antoniades said Ninja Theory experimented with VR during Hellblade’s development, and that virtual reality will dominate the industry in the future.

When asked by Wcftech if VR support was ever considered, Antoniades replied, “VR is something we’ve been experimenting with, and we’ve been using Hellblade as a testing ground…VR is most certainly going to be the dominant form of gaming. It’s just hard to see right now due to the bulky headsets, power and battery requirements. Every criticism against VR right now will be smashed by the time we get to third generation headsets.”


The studio is renowned for its lifelike performance capture character animation, and fans are eager to see what they can do with VR technology. But don’t expect anything soon- Hellblade hits store shelves August 8th, and Ninja Theory is likely to keep its focus there for the next few months.

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