Is This A Next Step Forward For Live VR Tours?

Is This A Next Step Forward For Live VR Tours?
August 21, 2017

A virtual reality property tours provider, EyeSpy360, claims it is in talks with several agents about embedding a guided service for viewers.


The service would let someone interested in a property view it virtually with interactive 3D images through any device and be guided through it with an agent at the same time.


The agent and viewer would both be able to “walk” through the property and click on certain aspects for more information. The agent and viewer will also be able to talk to each other.


Take-up of virtual reality seems to have been slow by agents across the industry so far.


However, Andrew Nicholls, chief executive of EyeSpy360, says the market will be helped once the cost and size of virtual reality headsets comes down. He says he gets around 20 sign-ups a day with about half from UK agents.


Nicholls said: “What we are focusing on is the here and now, which is mobile, tablet and desktop, and whilst this technology will normalise consumers’ adoption of 360 content, it will act as a stepping stone to virtual reality ultimately.


“Agents right now need to cut costs and waste, and this will be a major benefit to them, allowing them to focus on ‘real sales’.


“From conversations we have had, 80% to 90% of viewings are wasted and don’t lead to a sale.”


EyeSpy360 is aiming for a launch of the service, dubbed EyespyLIVE, by September.


We had a demo, and it seems impressive.


We should however make it clear that despite the name, it is totally unrelated to EYE.

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