Never Speak To Flight Crew Again Thanks To AR

Never Speak To Flight Crew Again Thanks To AR
May 30, 2017

On the long list of things that suck about air travel – the cramped seats, the passive aggressive armrest battles, the relentless onslaught of fart smells – everyone knows nothing is worse than having to implore the flight attendant for another bag of mini pretzels.


Air New Zealand is hoping to finally address this most egregious of inconveniences – by equipping its flight attendants with augmented reality headsets.


Via a partnership with Dimension Data and Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, Air New Zealand flight attendants will soon be able to aggregate and display customer information right in front of their eyes.


The data will include a passenger’s meal and drink preferences, onward travel and loyalty memberships details. It will even tell flight attendants how customers are feeling based on visual and audio cues.


“This software is a great example of us collaborating with other partners and exploring how technology could enhance the way our people work as well as the experience they deliver to our customers through greater personalisation,” Air New Zealand chief digital officer Avi Golan said in a statement.


In a video released to promote the new innovation, Jonathan Glenister of Dimension Data explained, “We worked with the Air New Zealand cabin crew to trial a Microsoft HoloLens application. The app uses cognitive services and surfaces relevant data about the passenger, their preferences and their journey. Although it is only in beta at this point, we think there are great possibilities to take it further and transform the travel experience.”

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