Mozilla WebVR Is Like 'TiltBrush' In A Browser

Mozilla WebVR Is Like 'TiltBrush' In A Browser
September 28, 2016
Most of the Virtual Reality content today is being developed by using closed-source software, which is a barrier for developers and new audiences. In order to solve this problem, a special Mozilla team launched a new concept called WebVR, earlier in 2016. WebVR is an experimental Javascript API providing access to Virtual Reality devices, such as Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard, in a web browser. Now the Mozilla team is taking this experiment into a whole new level by introducing “A-Painter” — a web-based interpretation of the Google’s famous 3D painting application TiltBrush.

“We on the Mozilla VR team are hardcore fans of Tilt Brush. It’s a wonderful example of the power of VR as an expressive medium. In the last few weeks, we have been experimenting with our own Web-based interpretation of Tilt Brush. We wanted to show how easy is to produce and share your creations on the Web across platforms with no software installations.” wrote the Mozilla team, in an official blog post.
With A-Painter users can paint in 3D with hand-tracked motion controllers. An HTC Vive will be still needed to play with A-Painter, but the paintings can be viewed from any device with a WebVR-enabled browser by simply copying and pasting a URL.
If you want to start painting, you can head to

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