MK Player360 VR Turns Your Bedroom Into An Ocean

MK Player360 VR Turns Your Bedroom Into An Ocean
July 9, 2017

Broomx, a leading company in Barcelona, focused on immersive 4D experiences, is proud to announce the first release of MK Player360 VR system’s primary version in Spain. The startup’s new project, on which it has worked for several years, is a compact system, which shows various VR apps and 360-degree projects on the walls. With this home-projection experience, there is no need of VR eyewears or any other facilities.


Broomx’s new equipment can be also connected to Google’s services such as Maps or Street View, enabling people to virtually make tours in their countries from their bedrooms. The users can regulate the system via the app. Besides Google’s services, users can be aware of various events, as the project displays social walls of Instagram and Twitter in VR.


In the interview with BGR, the brand new technology news source, the firm’s chief officer Ignasi Capella has underlined one of the main opportunities that MK Player 360 gives users: the projector can switch on everything in the room, such as lights.


He has also added, that all the subjects in the room, which can be turned on, the app will harmonize with the projector. So when the user watches waves, the lights become blue and the bed starts to move along with waves.


The firm makes its new projection applicable in Europe and even U.S. Currently Broomx is starting its cooperation with consumers of B2B. It also enables the use of its projector’s units in a wide range of spheres, from real-estate to health management.

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