McDonald's Bitmoji Sets Our Inner Coffee Junkie Free

McDonald's Bitmoji Sets Our Inner Coffee Junkie Free
December 2, 2017

With its new Sponsored Lens debuting on Snapchat on Friday, McDonald's is attempting to give potential customers a virtual pick-me-up.


The promotion features a 3D Bitmoji, an animated avatar crafted in the user's likeness. That character sneaks a slurp from the super-sized virtual McCafe holiday cup, gets a rush from the caffeine, then carries the cup away.


Adweek reports that this is the first sponsored 3D Bitmoji. A Snapchat spokesperson in contact with Next Reality confirmed Adweek's claim and also revealed that the campaign is running in the US as a special promotion (3D Bitmojis have not been released for sponsorship by other advertisers as of yet).


Snapchat began offering Sponsored Lens in Sept. with Bud Light.


After its parent company's disappointing third quarter financial results, Snapchat appears to have ramped up the release of its sponsored offerings. Last week, Snapchat rolled out the first Augmented Trial Lens with BMW. Earlier this week, Kay Jewelers became the first-to-market with a virtual try-on Lens.

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