Love Island Star Jessica Strips Off For VR Boob Job

Love Island Star Jessica Strips Off For VR Boob Job
June 17, 2017

She oozes confidence as she struts through the Love Island villa in barely-there bikinis.


So it might be surprising to learn that reality TV star Jessica Shears does not feel entirely comfortable in her own skin. 


The 24-year-old glamour model, from Devon, revealed she is unhappy with the FF breast implants she had as a teenager, saying they have become lopsided and saggy over the last few years. Now she wants to have another operation to have them fixed.


Before jetting off to Mallorca to film the ITV show, Jessica visited W1 Wellness clinic in Knightsbridge, London, where she underwent a virtual reality boob job to preview the results of the plastic surgery she will have once she returns to Britain.


Body issues: Love Island star Jessica Shears, 24, said she is unhappy with the 'stupidly big' breast implants she had as a teenager and visited a plastic surgeon in the hop of fixing them
Consultation: The glamour model was examined by Dr Ondrej Mestak at W1 Wellness in Kensington, London, before she jetted off to Mallorca to start filming the ITV show
Preview: Using virtual reality technology, Jess was able to see what her breasts would look like


In this clip of the procedure, obtained exclusively by FEMAIL, Jessica sports a pair of virtual reality glasses through which she could see an exact replica of her figure with different breast sizes - allowing her to choose which one she would like best. 


Speaking to Dr Ondrej Mestak, Jessica said she had 'stupidly big' implants when she was 19 but is now unhappy with her breasts, because the implants have dropped and feel too large and lopsided.


She said: 'Unfortunately I wasn’t best advised about how the size of the implant and the weight of it can sort of have an effect over time in sagging when I got my breasts done with another company. 


'I've ended up with what they call breasts that have "bottomed out". They’re not great, they don’t look how they should, they’re extremely large for my frame and [not] what I should have probably gone for.'


The model, who is currently partnered with fellow Love Islander Dom Lever on the ITV show, said she was happy with her double F breasts at the time but has since lost weight, and has noticed the breasts have drooped over time. 


Preparation: Dr Mestak photographed Jessica's breasts, which she complained had become saggy and droopy in the years since her implants. She also said her nipples point upwards
Modern technology: Jessica and Dr Mestak agreed she needed help reducing her breasts


She continued: 'The bottoming out is terrible, my nipples are now quite high because obviously the implants dropped so much. 


'I am starting to get like a skin fold in the middle when sat down from obviously from the weight of where the breasts have pulled down, the weight has obviously caused the skin to sag.'


She added: 'So I am hoping that you can do something to make my boobs perky again.' 

Racy: Jessica, pictured kissing, oozes confidence as she struts through the villa in her bikini
Late-night antics: Jessica and her partner Dom became the first couple to have sex in the villa


Dr Mestak agreed the implants had been too large and underwent the virtual reality consultation with Jessica to show her how a smaller pair would look on her frame.


The device helps the surgeon and the patient and ensures both are on the same page before any physical operation takes place. 


Jessica now plans to undergo the surgery once she returns from Love Island.

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