London: A VR Golf Course In Your Luxury Flat

London: A VR Golf Course In Your Luxury Flat
December 30, 2016

London's newest exclusive apartments come with jungle showers, indoor snow cabins, a wine-tasting room, 20-seat cinema and a virtual golf simulator. The only catch? Just one of the Thames-side flats will set you back up to £23 million.


These luxury suites will be built into the 'Vase', otherwise known as the new skyscraper One Blackfriars. The 50-storey tower will rival the Shard, the Gherkin and the Walkie Talkie as the most sought-after building in the capital.


But with its cool price tag, developers are looking to attract the most elite with their range of novelty add ons.

An artists impression of one of the apartments (Photo: berkeleygroup)
The Vase will tower over other buildings such as the Shard (Photo: berkeleygroup)


The opposite of a sauna, their inbuilt snow cabins will offer a chance to enjoy a snowy landscape and reap the benefits of a cooler environment without traveling to the north Pole.

Users can massage the snow into their skin as a beauty treatment, or just step in for a frosty wake up call. In the jungle showers, sounds of the rainforest and trickling water will attract those wanting to relax in the tub. And in the basement of the building are three floors of amenities including a wine-tasting room, private cinema and virtual golf course.

The wine tasting room within the building (Photo: berkeleygroup)
The design was based on a Fifties Scandinavian vase (Photo: berkeleygroup)
The Kensington Suite will cost £23 million (Photo: berkeleygroup)


The building itself changes colour to fit its landscape thanks to the thousands of panes of glass covering it. It was designed by Rochdale architect Ian Simpson, who based his drawings on a Fifties Scandinavian vase from his own collection. He covered the structure with 5,476 panes of curved glass to reflect its surroundings. In the day the building will appear a frosty blue, and at sunset will glow a warm orange.

The outside of the building will change colour to reflect its surroundings (Photo: berkeleygroup)
It will boast views of St Paul's (Photo: berkeleygroup)


It doesn't have any balconies, but sliding doors on the exterior will open the rooms into a mini "sky garden", Simpson claims. Prices start from £1.15 million for a one-bedroom studio, £2.33 million for two bedrooms and a three-bedroom home will set you back £4.64 million. The Kensington Suite, on the 43rd floor at 6,000 sq ft, cost a jaw-dropping £23 million to buy.

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