London Comic Con: VR, Super Heroes Are Hot Topics

London Comic Con: VR, Super Heroes Are Hot Topics
October 30, 2016
Troy Baker shares his dream superhero role while Nolan North praises VR at London Comic Con; the video game voice actors discuss comic book characters and virtual reality.

London Comic Con has seen video games feature more heavily as the years have gone by, and October 2016’s event certainly got gamers’ attention with voice acting supremos Troy Baker and Nolan North in attendance.
The pair recently co-starred in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, with North reprising his iconic role as hero Nathan Drake, while Baker portrayed Drake’s older brother Sam.
At a press panel during the expo we asked them which superheroes they’d love to lend their voice to. Given their prolific work for both Marvel and DC properties, it was tricky to find a comic book character they hadn’t already appeared as.
Having stolen the show as The Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins, Troy wondered if he could find a part that could top it, but there’s one character he admitted he’d love to have a crack at.
Troy also hinted that Nolan’s previous work voicing Deadpool might have helped Ryan Reynolds’ with his movie performance as Marvel’s Merc with the Mouth.
We also got to here about a trick of the trade, as Nolan mentioned a decidedly low-tech technique borrowed from fellow voice actor Fred Tatasciore.
Asked about the impact of VR, North was positively brimming with excitement about the possibilities of virtual reality, saying: “I think it’s cool that player will actually not be playing as Nathan Drake or Joel [from The Last Of Us], they’re themselves in that world.”

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