Lisbon Airbnb Flat Lets You Live In A Game For Real

Lisbon Airbnb Flat Lets You Live In A Game For Real
October 7, 2016
Nintendo nerds, stop what you're doing. We have just found your ideal holiday destination. One Super Mario fan has made the ultimate tribute to the Mushroom Kingdom by creating a Super Mario-themed Airbnb listing.

The Airbnb in Lisbon, Portugal, is full of nods to the beloved video game, from projectile flowers, toadstools and even a bedspread featuring Mario's iconic outfit. The flat — which also contains a Star Wars-themed room — is home to 32-year-old computer game programmer André Farinha, who describes himself on his profile as "a major nerd." 

The room isn't just visually appealing to Mario nerds, it's also equipped with 2 Nintendo 3DS devices — complete with The Legend of Zelda — along with a Wii U with 20 games. 

Farinha spent a whopping 10,000 euros getting the room into its current state, but — thankfully it will only set you back £30 ($38) per night.

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