Library Visitors Sent To The Moon And Back, In VR

Library Visitors Sent To The Moon And Back, In VR
November 24, 2016

Virtual reality headsets will be a big ticket item on many people's Christmas wishlists this year, but one local library will let you try them for free.


The Adelaide City Council Library is hosting trial sessions of 10 different virtual reality (VR) experiences with an HTC Vive headset this festive season.


The library wants to see whether VR can act as a catalyst to encourage education and research.

PHOTO: ACC Library's Jessica Curtis (left) says VR provides an immersive learning experience. (891 ABC Adelaide: Brett Williamson)

Library patron Ellen Beasy had never experienced VR before; she said the Apollo 11 experience was breathtaking.


"I thought it was amazing — it was much more realistic than I expected."


She said she loved the way history was integrated in an entertaining way.

PHOTO: Ellen Beasy says she can travel the world from her lounge room. (891 ABC Adelaide: Brett Williamson)


"There was a quote in there from Galileo that I had not read before and it was really amazing to put that together with the music and what you were experiencing.


"It made the history come alive in a whole new way.


"I can see that you could spend hours [using VR]. I could travel the world from my lounge room."


Tool for all learners

Libraries across the globe are experimenting with new ways to stay relevant in this modern world.


Adelaide library staff member Jessica Curtis said VR could open up a new way of learning.


"It's an amazing learning tool because it is so immersive," she said.

PHOTO: Ellen Beasy leans out of the Apollo 11 as she prepares to take a VR walk on the Moon. (891 ABC Adelaide: Brett Williamson)


"It's [also] suitable for all different types of people, no matter how you learn."


Ms Curtis said that was because VR combined aural, visual and physical manipulation experiences to lead users through.


"We're all about lifelong learning and providing equal opportunities for everybody in the community," she said.


The library will host VR drop-in sessions from 3:00pm each Wednesday until December 14.

It hopes to be able to make the equipment a permanent feature in the future.

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