Let Your Body Sing With Soundwave AR Tattoos

Let Your Body Sing With Soundwave AR Tattoos
May 10, 2017

Be it the voice of a loved one, a special song lyric, or a poignant quote, soundwave tattoos let you immortalize meaningful sounds in tattoo form. the interactive body art is the first product by LA-based startup skin motion, and work with an app that creates tattoo designs from audio clips. all you need do is record the sound of your choice in the app, which then translates it into a scientific piece of body art. once inked up, the augmented reality tattoos can then be scanned and played back using the same application, recreating the sound exactly as it was recorded. 

Soundwave tattoos are an entirely new type of media, bridging the physical and digital worlds in real time. the idea behind the augmented reality tattoos came from a client of tattoo artist and skin motion CEO nate siggard, who got the opening line from a popular sound tattooed. the idea quickly arose that it would be ‘cool’ to listen to the tattoo—an idea that siggard quickly put into action. 

After posting a video online, the tattoo went viral, and siggard set out to make the concept accessable to the masses with skin motion. the resulting, patent pending-technology creates personalized augmented reality tattoo experiences that are the first of their kind. 

Skin motion wish to use the technology they have created to help people who have lost a family member or loved one to immortalize their voice. by translating the audio clip into a sound wave tattoo, the software creates an identical replication of the original sound when it is played back through the app. the skin motion application is set to debut next month, with waiting list signups already being taken. tattoo artists around the world can apply to become a soundwave certified tattoo artist though the skin motion website, and will then receive the appropriate training and information.

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