Lab Company Uses AR To Improve Indoor Farming

Lab Company Uses AR To Improve Indoor Farming
June 5, 2017

Earlier this week Vice’s Motherboard covered how augmented reality startup Huxley wants to improve the efficiency of indoor farming.


The New Lab-based company focuses mainly on cannabis farming, so both the product and its uses are on the cutting edge of society. The way it works is that the company uses AR technology to spot possible issues with plants and alert the farmers. They can also analyze data to create better irrigation regimens.

“Imagine a future where farmers wander through the rows of a greenhouse, wearing augmented reality glasses that tell them what type of tomato or strain of marijuana they’re looking at,” writes Motherboard. “Cameras installed above watch for signs of disease and pests, and monitor watering needs and growth rates. If the system spots an anomaly, it pings one of the augmented farmers to isolate the problem before it spreads.”


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