Kids Explore U.S. Landmarks Using Virtual Reality

Kids Explore U.S. Landmarks Using Virtual Reality
April 12, 2018

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) -- Students at Emerson Elementary in Kearney, Nebraska got the chance to visit the Statue of Liberty and other historic monuments without ever leaving the classroom. They used virtual reality.


It all starts with an iPhone app called, "Expeditions" and what teachers call Google goggles.


Kids put the goggles on and are able to visit new and historical places using virtual reality.


With their goggles on they could move around and see everything in front and to the sides. Teachers asked them questions while they explored, so they were able to think about what they were seeing.


The librarian in charge of this said it had a big impact on learning.


"We try and reach as many of their senses as we can. To add color, history and dimension to the park, it's making it come alive for them and it's not some distant thing," said Connie Jelkin, the librarian.


This is just the first step kids take when learning about national parks.


Soon they'll do a breakout EDU box and then they'll get to post the information they have learned to a shared Google Map.

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