Japan: You Need To Win The Lottery To Get PSVR

Japan: You Need To Win The Lottery To Get PSVR
February 1, 2017

Sony's PSVR virtual reality headset launched last October, but gamers in the company's homeland of Japan are having massive trouble actually getting a hold of one.


When Japan's retailers finally had the headsets in stock on January 26, they were essentially already sold-out. People had lined up outside retailers like Yodobashi Camera and Sofmap in the early hours of the morning, but even those patiently waiting (on a weekday no less) had their chances of scoring a PSVR severely clipped thanks to a raffle-style system.

Each customer waiting outside of the stores were given a numbered ticket, and those lucky few who had their number selected were eligible to buy the headset.


The US and UK have occasionally been receiving new PSVR headsets in trickled restocks, but since October's release in Japan (where the headset sold 50,000 units in the first week), Sony's virtual reality headsets have been impossible to find. Unless you're willing to fork out for one on Amazon for double the price.


With OLED screens taking time to manufacture for PSVR, it remains to be seen as to when the next batch is released and in what quantities. With the new release of VR-enabled Resident Evil 7, more than ever people are wanting to experience virtual reality gaming.

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