Is It Possible To Benefit Society With Virtual Reality?

Is It Possible To Benefit Society With Virtual Reality?
November 9, 2017

Beyond gaming, beyond manufacturing, beyond the obvious commercial aspects that virtual and augmented reality will bring to our economy, will there be any positive benefits to individuals and disparate groups as we embrace this new generation of technology?


A day long summit on November 17th at George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health in Washington, DC will explore this question in further detail. Slated as the first conference dedicated to the positive social impacts of VR/AR, the VR for Good Summit is bringing together developers and practitioners in healthcare, education, accessibility and other social causes that are using VR/AR in meaningful ways.


“When the folks who understand the problems engage with the folks who understand what leading technology can do, innovation happens. That's what VR for Good is all about.” Said Lex McCusker, Director of Student Entrepreneurship Programs at George Washington University. Speakers from the largest VR headset manufacturers, Oculus and HTC, will provide their views and share how their companies are supporting the "VR for Good" movement, known in other circles as "VR for Impact."

Lex McCusker - Bob Fine


“The potential for VR to help us understand and transform ourselves and the world around us is limitless. It is crucial that the VR industry comes together in these formative years to fully leverage this potential for social good,” said Ylva Hansdotter, Head of VR for Impact, HTC Vive.

Her peer at Oculus, Paula Cueno, who leads Oculus’s efforts in VR for Good further added, “I have personally been called to community and to philanthropy through my experiences in VR. If we move one person at a time to action, gratitude and inspiration, we are moving in the right direction.”


With the millennial generation (and younger) turning to digital media for creating social change, getting them interested in the potential of VR is an important step. "Virtual and augmented reality are playing a crucial role in this evolution by inspiring young people to use and experiment with innovative technology, which can prompt them to consider careers in IT," said Eric Larson, Senior Director of IT Futures Labs.

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