Israel: A VR Program To Help The Paralyzed

Israel: A VR Program To Help The Paralyzed
December 23, 2016

The technique "tricks limbs" into sensing voluntary movement.


Israeli neuroscientists have just developed amazing new technology that helps people suffering from certain types of paralysis to regain control of their immobilized limbs. 


What's more incredible is that patients using the new technology don't even have to endure exhausting physical therapy. Tel Aviv University just completed a successful clinical trial in which subjects strapped on virtual reality headsets with images of their hands displayed onto a monitor. Whenever they made motions with their right hand, VR displayed their left hand making the same movement, even though that hand hadn't moved. The subjects' left hands were later found to move more effectively, and Israeli neuroscientists say that's because their brains were fooled into believing the left hand did something voluntarily that it hadn't.


The new discovery could have a major impact on people experiencing weakness or paralysis in one of their limbs. That includes stroke victims who are looking to regain control of their motor skills. Best of all, researchers also believe that VR could have a range of applications in other fields, such as pain management.

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