InContext CEO On VR And The Future Of Retail

InContext CEO On VR And The Future Of Retail
November 28, 2016

Tracey Wiedmeyer is the CTO and a Co-Founder of InContext Solutions, the leader in scalable virtual reality (VR) shopping and retail solutions. InContext Solutions lets manufacturers and retailers simulate real in-store shopping situations to ideate, evaluate and activate all types of merchandising, display, layout and other in-store shopping experiences within a VR store environment before implementing them in the real world. Just last month, they closed their Series E round of funding, bringing their total funding to $42.5M. 


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • ● Why Tracey and his co-founders started InContext Solutions

  • ● How he raised their seed capital from his family over Christmas

  • ● How similarly do people behave in virtual reality vs the real world

  • ● How InContext Solutions recreates stores

  • ● How they landed their first customers

  • ● How they try to lure tech talent away from quant trading

  • ● What he’d like to see big companies improve on

  • ● Why you have to focus on ROI and business cases when selling to large enterprises

  • ● Whether we are in a simulation or not

  • ● Where the future of virtual reality is heading in 5-10 years

  • ● What the future of retail may look like

  • ● How they landed a partnership with Intel

  • ● How a partnership with a big company can benefit a startup

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