How Virtual Overlays Augment Entertainment

How Virtual Overlays Augment Entertainment
April 25, 2018

Brands like Sony, Starset and Panasonic are integrating AR and VR experiences into their live events like concerts and games to offer consumers entertainment like never before


Live entertainment alone is no longer fascinating enough: Now companies are using augmented and mixed reality to digitally-enhance the viewer experience at live events like concerts and sports games. Here are three major brands that have incorporated live-experience overlays into their events:



At SXSW 2018, Panasonic debuted an AR-enabled glass that broadcasts information like team rosters and live feeds, while allowing spectators to view sports games simultaneously. Transparent film applied to a windowpane enables images to be projected without obscuring audiences’ view of the live action on the field. A tablet is used to control what appears on the glass, and fans are able to choose among an array of camera angles rather than having a television broadcast sample the angles for them.



NYC-based band Starset implemented an AR-based experience that delivered concert-specific materials to audience members’ mobile devices at different stages of the show. For example, attendees saw a huge spaceship enter the room and land onstage through their smartphone screens, and other elements like lighting and projection mapping were used throughout the interactive concert.



Sony demoed an augmented reality air hockey concept called “A(i)R Hockey” at SXSW 2018, which combined Sony’s light projection tech and haptic sensors to create a next-level air hockey game. The game, which supports up to four players at once, starts out with a regular air hockey puck that players bat around into each other’s goals. Soon, virtual pucks are projected onto the table and added to the mix. The paddles are equipped with haptic sensors that vibrate each time users touch a puck.


The live-experience overlay is just one trend within out-of-home entertainment offerings.

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