How AR & VR Enhance The Shopping Experience

How AR & VR Enhance The Shopping Experience
July 5, 2017

Do you know that lack of Time and Patience in current times is the key factor that has boosted the online shopping trend.


But the lack of feel, touch and trial option makes us unsatisfied and often we have to turn back the online product due to color or fitting disparity.


Augmenting the new concepts into the sale of consumer durable goods has enhanced the customer buying behavior. More and more big brands have started implementing the Augmented and Virtual reality concepts to give a whole new experience to their buyers.


To dig further into the concept, it is imperative to understand how these two concept will function if implemented.


Cognizant has come up with a video that demonstrates their function when used in shopping applications.

Why consumers will opt to experience the AR and VR technology while shopping???


This is a crucial question to ask if you are a buyer. You need to have the clear idea of the benefits you will receive as a buyer before you step onto this technology. Let us see how??


Benefits for consumers:


  • * Consumers usually make their online purchase by merely reading the product info, reviews or by looking at a flat picture or a video. But they get a true feel for a place or item before making a commitment, if AR and VR technology is successfully leveraged.
  • AR and VR concept, if incorporated, can revolutionize the online clothes shopping. There is always a need to try a particular dress or a shoe before you make your purchase decision. In online shopping, this was not possible. But Body mapping technologies like True Fit, a data driven personalization platform enables buyers to try the product without actually wearing them and check whether the particular apparel suit hem or not.
  • * You can try the garment in a virtual dressing/fitting room which also reduces the risk of having yourself getting videotaped thereby guaranteeing safety to female buyers.
  • * The two concepts can make shopping a social event. You can shop with your friends at the same time irrespective of their physical location. Moreover you can check-in any retail store disregarding their geographic location.


Few of the well known brands have already started utilizing the benefits to enhance their customers’ overall buying behavior.


Let me cite a few examples of such Brands for you:



Summing Up:


It is estimated that by 2018, number of active VR users will be approx. 171 million and active AR users will be approx. 200 million.

Either you shop from your home or directly visit the retail outlet, AR and VR technology will definitely save your time and yet you can purchase the product by trying it and can get a proper feel of the same. Also, you will get recommendations directly from the retail staff based on your buying history. With mobile payment option, you can complete the transaction and avoid the long queue at the checkout point.


Benefits are vast and I am pretty sure you will definitely enjoy your entire buying process and get personalized shopping service.

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