Homes Needed For VR Life-Saving Training

Homes Needed For VR Life-Saving Training
December 24, 2016

Bosses at a Southport technology company are looking for local homes to film a special type of training simulation for the emergency services.


‘Immersive Interactive’ are asking for residents who are willing to have their homes filmed in 360 degrees to come forward to aid a new type of virtual reality-based emergency services simulation training.


Bosses at the company say that a wide range of domestic locations will be used in state-of-the- art simulation rooms nationwide, and will help paramedics better prepare for real world emergencies.


“It’s something that benefits us all” commented video producer Jon Bradley.


He said: “The process is really quite painless - A 360 degree camera will be left to record a few minutes of video in several different rooms, and we even encourage participants not to tidy up in advance because we need the environments to look lived in.


“It’s a small disruption that provides a big public service.”


The sophisticated Immersive Spaces combine projectors, speakers, interactive surfaces, scent diffusers, and a whole host of sensory equipment to deliver an experience as close to reality as possible.


The advantages of using the rooms as a training tool has garnered a huge amount of interest from the global healthcare sector with Immersive now supplying to customers in 10 countries.


“This is also an opportunity for local people to experience some cutting edge technology first hand” said Bradley. “We’re looking to film the whole spectrum of properties, from bedsits to manors, so we hope to hear from homeowners of all housing types.”


Participating homes will receive a £50 Amazon or Asda gift voucher and have the chance to experience their home in virtual reality.

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