The Hearing Impaired Can Enjoy Live Theater With VR

The Hearing Impaired Can Enjoy Live Theater With VR
July 25, 2017
Samsung is using VR to adds subtitles to performances in real time


Samsung wants to redefine the experience of live theater for those with hearing impairments using virtual reality. Although the hearing impaired have better access to services and products than ever before, live theater poses difficulties. An app for the Samsung Gear VR headset changes that by providing subtitles for the audience in real time. Samsung’s innovative project, ‘Theater For All Ears,’ makes it possible to enjoy live theater without the use of a sign language interpreter.


The project kicked off in Brazil, in a partnership with Leo Burnett Tailor Made, on May 12 at the Frei Caneca Theater. The play, O Pai (The Father), was attended by numerous people with hearing impairments who found their experience transformed by VR goggles.


“When we unite the theatre with Samsung technology we can change people’s lives. With this Theater For All Ears initiative, we are offering a differentiated and special experience so that the deaf and hearing impaired can experience a show completely—being able to visualise the scenery, the staging and the subtitles without losing any detail,” Andrea Mello, Director of Corporate Marketing and Consumer Electronics of Samsung Brazil, said.


This technology broadens theater’s reach to an untapped audience and enables those with hearing impediments to enjoy live theater in a new way.

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