Gully Boy AR Filter Lets You Wear Murad's Hoodie

Gully Boy AR Filter Lets You Wear Murad's Hoodie
February 15, 2019
Gully Boy Snapchat filter (L) and a still from Gully Boy (R). Creative Credit: Tech2


Quick! What's the movie: Striped blue hoodie, earphones, rap. If these three descriptive words were enough for you to guess the movie then Snapchat's got something exciting for you.


Gully Boy took centre stage today and has made its way into the theatres and also into the hearts of a lot of people this Valentine's Day.The movie revolves around the life of Murad, a boy from Dharavi slums who dreams of telling his story through his rap music.

Now we all have been hooked to the song line "Apna Time Aayega", wearing our hoodies and bobbing our heads just like Murad from Gully Boy, but now we even get the opportunity to be inside the same striped, blue coloured hoodie.


Not in reality, but thank goodness for technology, we can now bob our heads in the hoodie, virtually.



Snapchat has rolled out a new filter for all Gully Boy fans. This new filter fits your face properly in the virtual hoodie, dangling earphones included.

Gully Boy feat Snapchat AR filter. Creative Credit: Tech2/Sneha Sharma

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