Gatorade Educates About Dehydration With VR Game

Gatorade Educates About Dehydration With VR Game
March 31, 2018

The Gatorade Company, one of America’s leading manufacturer of sport-themed beverage and food products, is taking to VR to help tackle the issue of dehydration in sports players. Using the Gatorade brand and a new VR videogame title called ‘Beat The Blitz’ the company is hoping to tackle and educate players on this issue. The title challenges players to throw footballs at targets, avoiding would-be tacklers and even score the odd trick shot now and again. All of this is delivered by former NFL All-Pro and Super Bowl champion, Peyton Manning. Thanks to the real-time tracking that is delivered by the VR solution players get to experience an authentic simulation of throwing a football.


On a more education side of things, ‘Beat The Blitz’ also includes a number of simulations that take the user inside the human body as show what happens to an athlete once dehydration sets in. This is shown in the title by having a players vision become impaired along with other symptoms of dehydration manifested through VR. Designed for HTC Vive and Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets, ‘Beat The Blitz’ debuted at South by South West (SXSW) and the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and is now available on Steam. You can see it in action for yourself below.

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