Game Maker Lets Fans Marry Their Virtual Crushes

Game Maker Lets Fans Marry Their Virtual Crushes
April 18, 2017

One of the three female anime characters in the dating simulation video game Niitzuma Lovely xCation is shown. In the new version of the game out later this month, users will be allowed to participate in a real life wedding with their favorite character at a Tokyo wedding chapel. Screen shot courtesy Hibiki Works


April 15 (UPI) -- The makers of a Japanese anime dating simulation video game said a select number of users will be allowed to participate in a virtual reality wedding with the female character of their choice, complete with a real-life wedding chapel and tuxedo.


Hibikiworks, the makers of the game, Niitzuma Lovely xCation, said the newest version, which comes out later this month, will focus more on actual married life.


Romantic simulations, popular in Japan, typically allow users to engage with anime characters in dating and sexual encounters. Most games contain both wholesome interactions and graphic sex scenes.


While Niitzuma, which translates to "new wife," includes those elements as well, the manufacturers are betting players will want to make the leap to a more sustained relationship with the characters. They said an unspecified number of applicants will be hand-picked to participate in an actual wedding ceremony at a Tokyo chapel, where they will don a provided tuxedo and a VR headset to make their wedding vows. The game then continues with simulated interactions between player and character as married partners.

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