Freaky Anime Girl Gives You VR Foot Massages

Freaky Anime Girl Gives You VR Foot Massages
August 15, 2018

Virtual reality has continued to aid in the physical manifestation of anime girls as a foot massage service has now been realized, with otaku being able to watch a cute anime girl give them a foot massage as a decidedly un-moe masseuse gives them one in real life.


Tora no Ana announced the “VR Relaxation” service they will be offering by the end of the year, a trial session took place at Akihabara UDX from August 12th to August 14th, allowing customers to don VR goggles and interact with an anime girl as she gives them a foot massage (as they also receive one in reality).


For the session, a collaboration was had with One Room’s 2nd season as one of the girls from the show (Hanasaka Yui) was the anime maiden doing the foot fondling:

The headset view was being displayed on a nearby screen and players were given a series of options to choose between; should they be in any discomfort, customers could press the “pain” button to let them know:

While not finalized, it is presumed that customers can expect to pay about ¥3,000 to ¥3,500 for a 30-minute session, the store also plans to collaborate with different anime so that certain characters can give the massages to attract otaku – surely aiding them in their downward spiral from reality (should the fact that a real male may be giving the actual massage not ruin it).


The 2 original girls who will be giving the massages once the service commences:

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