The Fastest Ride In Virtual Reality

The Fastest Ride In Virtual Reality

How fast can a person pedal a bicycle? In September, cyclist Denise Mueller tried to answer that question. Her starting point was somewhere past 100 miles an hour.


Mueller traveled to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah with a customized bike and a Range Rover. Her support team included a professional race-car driver and her mentor, a 69-year-old former Olympic cyclist. They shared one goal: going fast.


The Wall Street Journal followed Mueller from her training in California to her attempt to set the land-speed record on a bicycle. Read reporter Jason Gay’s chronicle of the journey.


Mueller’s high-risk sprints on the surreal landscape of Bonneville also merited another way of telling her story: virtual reality. The Journal partnered with filmmaker Jessica Edwards of Scenic to capture Mueller’s feat in 360-degree virtual reality.


This amazing film is best experienced in the new WSJ VR application on Google Daydream. Get the application here if you have a Daydream compatible phone.


You can also watch the virtual-reality film in this article on your computer or mobile device. The latest version of the WSJ app is required.

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