Famed Chef Believes VR Can Elevate Dining

Famed Chef Believes VR Can Elevate Dining
May 3, 2017

Interviewed in the latest edition of The Drum magazine as part of its exploration of human technology, Blumenthal discussed his history with science and his desire to challenge the norms of cooking as well as the potential that artificial intelligence could play.


He also opened up about how he views the use of VR in his own work and what role it could play for foodies of the future.


“The big thing that VR doesn’t do at the moment is it doesn’t take into consideration the interaction of a group of people. I think it really has massive implications if we combine the technology with human being, touchy-feely senses. No one has really looked at that yet, and for me it presents an amazing opportunity," he commented.


He also claimed that it could offer users new dining experiences outside of the room they were eating within and that it could also aid people with eating disorders or a lack of confidence in social settings.


"They can be confident that they are in the moment but they know nothing bad can happen to them. You can get them into a situation where they are not going to be scared," he added.


Also contributing to the latest magazine issue are the Duke of York, Prince Andrew talking about his views on the need for better technological education in schools and artist Will.i.am on his own use of technology that will change the world.

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