Facebook Spaces Let You Meet Friends In VR

Facebook Spaces Let You Meet Friends In VR
July 13, 2017
New function means you won't have to leave the house to get together with chums, for you’ll be able to chat to friends in VR direct from your smartphone.



This is what you’ll see if you watch two people meet up in VR on Facebook Live.


Basically, this allows you get together with chums in VR and then broadcast all the virtual fun to other friends, who can watch it from the lonely comfort of their bedrooms.


All you need is an Oculus Rift headset, which is made by a Facebook-owned firm.


A spokeswoman said: “Thanks to the immersive power of virtual reality, Facebook Spaces lets you feel like you’re spending time with your friends in person — no matter where they are.

“Now, you can go live on Facebook from Facebook Spaces to give the people you care about a window into your VR world.” The real time footage works like a Facebook Live.


Friends can join in by sending comments or showering you with reaction emojis.

Friends could meet up for a simulated jam session, while their other chums watch all the virtual action.

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