Discover The New Virtual Boob Job Goggles

Discover The New Virtual Boob Job Goggles
June 6, 2017

Have you ever contemplated a boob job, but felt too daunted to go under the knife?


Now it's claimed new virtual reality goggles can show women exactly what their newly enhanced breasts will look like - without them having to set foot inside an operating theatre. 


The device, launched for the first time in the UK at Chelsea clinic Mallucci London, uses a 3D simulation app that allows women to look down at their chest to see how their own breasts - with their unique size and shape - would appear with implants of various sizes. 


It's hoped the new goggles may help avoid scenarios where women opt for implants that are too large, or do not look sufficiently natural, meaning they may have to consider reversing the surgery. 


New virtual reality goggles can show women exactly what their newly enhanced breasts will look like if they considered having breast augmentation. The goggles use a 3D simulation app that lets you look down at your own chest and see what your breasts would look like with various size implants


A spokesperson for breast implant brand Sebbin, which co-created the goggles with plastic surgery VR pioneers Crisalix, told MailOnline: 'When you put the goggles on, you step into a virtual reality consultation.


'Each prospective client can see her own new post-surgery breasts in mirrors by looking sideways. She can also look down to her chest and see her amazing new breasts.'


Crisalix, which claim its projections are anatomically accurate, previously scanned women's breasts in 2D with iPads, before simulating them in 3D and manipulating the image, to give clients a glimpse at what they could expect to see post surgery. 


The difference with the new goggles is that that same process happens in real time. 

The goggles are now in use at  Mallucci London, a cosmetic surgery clinic in Chelsea 
The idea is that prospective clients are able to see a true reflection of how their post-surgery breasts will look  


Other, more traditional methods involve showing breast enhancement candidates images of different types and shapes of implants - and before and after pictures - but it can be hard to know what each would look like on the individual.   


The idea behind the goggles, and 3D imaging, is to bypass technical language - such as whether to go for a '270cc' or '300cc' silicone implant, or for a subglandular (above the muscle) option - and allow the user to see what they think would look good on them, and go from there.  


One of the first people to try out the unusual eye-wear at Mallucci, based in Kensington in west London, commented: 'When you look down at your own feet, it shows you a pair of nice, pert, neatly enhanced breasts as if you were seeing them on yourself. Wowzers.'


A spokesperson for Mallucci London, said: 'Using the app as a guide, Patrick Mallucci works hand-in-hand with each patient to visualise then create a beautiful, natural breast.'    

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