Devs Say AR, MR Will Be More Popular Than VR

Devs Say AR, MR Will Be More Popular Than VR
July 3, 2017

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies are often compared with virtual reality as being more commercially viable. The main idea behind this assumption is that AR and MR are much easier for consumers to grasp as a new concept.


According to the second annual “Virtual Reality Developers Conference” (VRDC) VR/AR Innovation Report, the majority of developers agree with this assumption.


VRDC’s report shows 77 percent of developers believe Augmented or Mixed Reality would win greater market share than Virtual Reality in the long-term.


“I worked in the AR industry for a while,” added one respondent who said yes to this question. “It’s a much easier concept for clients to grasp, and instead of being a platform in and of itself, it can be seen much more easily as a tool to make existing platforms better.”


The report also reveals that virtual reality’s biggest failures so far include “lack of subsidized hardware, enterprise applications, and native VR experiences.”


According to one respondent, the biggest failure of VR thus far has been “Not subsidizing the cost of headsets. This is what caused smartphones to get such adoption. If the iPhone cost $1,200 when it rst launched, we would have seen the same slow growth as VR.”


For more information and to check out the full report, you can download it for free on VRDC’s website.

The difference between virtual, augmented and mixed reality


While VR, AR and MR have a lot in common, both technologies have some key differences:


  • Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of a real life environment. VR stimulates our vision and hearing through specialized software or sensors to immerse users in virtual worlds. In virtual reality users wear a head-mounted display, with a screen in front of the eyes. This headset replaces the entire field of view. It adjusts the users in a same way as if they were looking or moving in real world.

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