Dear VR, Here's Why We Love You

Dear VR, Here's Why We Love You
March 1, 2017

Gone are the days where you gave an upfront payment without having a glimpse of the finished product. Today, thanks to the revolutionary virtual reality technology, you can see how the product will look like and suggest the changes in advance. Today, as VR technology has started expanding beyond gaming, it’s a right time for you to jump on the VR bandwagon for having the competitive edge over your peers and to leverage all the business benefits of the VR concept.


As per Wikipedia, VR simulates a physical presence in the real or an imagined world while allowing the user to interact with it. In other terms, VR blurs the lines between the real and imaginary world.


Here are five major reasons for you to embrace the virtual reality irrespective of nature and size of your business:


1. Sensory immersion is a norm


The internet has facilitated us to connect with the world. Now virtual reality is set to offer full sensory immersion of the world we are related to, which sets this technology apart from other concepts. How about trying on clothes from various shops from the comfort of your home? What about climbing a mountain without leaving your house? VR has made all these things possible through stimulating the senses including sound, touch, view, and smell. You require a VR advantage by your side while the complete sensory immersion is becoming a norm.


2. Virtual social network is here


Okay. Social media networking is not a new term. In the age of virtual reality, a new term is coined: virtual social network. You can enjoy an interaction of a real face with a virtual face. It’s easy to shake hands and speak to another person in an apparently real environment without leaving your home. In a way, VR makes social interactions easier and more fluid as compared to other platforms. These days, we can imagine that a day will come when a Facebook Page will open into a virtual realm. Maybe naysayers consider it as a distant future, but the reality is the future approaches us faster than we could imagine.


3. Ease of learning


It is always better to act than listening when it comes to education and even in business. VR offers an opportunity to learn complex business processes through doing them. It offers immense possibilities with ease of learning. VR applications can become a game changer in this sense, and you can avail all the benefits of this technology for increasing productivity and flexibility of your business. You can readily train your employees for technological advancements through easy learning offered by VR.


4. Create difficult circumstance


If you’re in adventure-tourism or a sort of business, you can make your customers feel what they can expect on visiting attractions offered by you. For example, you can offer a virtual tour of a ‘Horror Tunnel’ in your amusement park to prospective customers. Similarly, if you are in a large engineering domain, you can give a virtual experience of boilers and other dangerous places to your employees. You can also make your employees ready for any emergency situation through VR.


5. Ease of accessibility


You can get the advantage of low cost for VR products and applications. In a way, the next wave of VR technology is more accessible and adaptable than AR (Augmented Reality) technology. You can also meet VR’s more social than ever ‘Avatar’ in the coming days. As the time advances, more and more VR devices compatible with industry standard will come on the market and facilitate businesses across the world.


Virtual reality applications can handle complex situations effectively, and you can count on them for simplifying business processes while making your employees acquainted with them.


Well, that’s not all. VR has many other advantages to offer, and we can fairly mention that VR enables you to keep pace with rapidly changing business reality.

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