Dealing With Nausea When Playing PSVR

Dealing With Nausea When Playing PSVR
December 13, 2018

Virtual reality (VR) can cause people to feel sick or dizzy while playing. While it's an outstanding platform, even the PlayStation VR can cause nausea. There are a few things you can do to help curb feeling sick and we've got the details here!


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- Amazon: Honeywell HT-908 Desk Fan


First things first. Why does it happen?

Nausea or dizziness in VR is caused by your brain getting confused about what it's trying to process. When your eyes are seeing scenery that says you should be moving, when you actually aren't, your brain starts to panic. When it panics you might start to feel queasy or even begin to sway in place.


Not everybody is affected by this. Only certain games or experiences will trigger the feeling of nausea for some people, but others may never experience it at all. Each person is different, but that doesn't mean VR isn't for you. It just means you need to find your own comfort levels before diving into highly immersive games. Just because you discover what types of VR make you nauseous doesn't mean you can't play those types of games. Instead, try out any of these tricks to help you out.


Build a tolerance by playing while sitting down

If you're a first time user in VR it might not be a bad idea to do your first session while sitting down. Here are some steps to get the perfect set up for playing while sitting down!


  1. Set a chair in the middle of your playspace.
  2. Check your settings for what your PlayStation Camera is seeing to make sure you're still in range.
  3. Go to Settings from your Main Menu.
  4. Select PlayStation VR from the list.
  5. Select Confirm your position.
  6. If everything looks good you can now load your game. If not, adjust your camera position and then load the game.
  7. Check the settings of your game to see if there is a play while sitting down option. This will be found in a different spot for every game, but you can almost always find the option from the main menu.


If you start to experience nausea, the first thing you need to do is sit down and collect yourself. You don't need to take off your headset unless there are no improvements after a few moments. Sometimes it gets to the point where you need to shut down the headset for a little while and take a break. Go have some water, eat some food, and then try again after your stomach has settled.


Use a fan

Many folks who frequently get carsick can tell you that fresh, flowing, cool air can make a serious difference. While you won't be able to feel it as acutely while wearing your head-mounted display, but it can still make a difference.


  1. Set up your fan on the outside of your play area.
  2. Set it on a medium speed that oscillates.


Having constant wind blowing on you can get a little annoying and that's why we recommend the oscillating settings. If your area is a little tight it's okay to use a small desk fan instead of a full room fan. All you have to do is make sure it's at eye level with you and on a medium to low setting. You want a light breeze, not a windstorm.


Our top equipment picks

The inner ear is linked to motion sickness in VR. If you start to feel dizzy that means its time to take a short break from VR. This rule also applies if you have a cold, an ear infection, or an eye infection. If things are already complicated you don't want to play on your PlayStation VR and exacerbate the problem.


The PlayStation VR is perfect for diving into virtual reality. If you already have the PlayStation 4 this bundle is all you need to get started. Not only does it come with the base requirements for the VR system, but it even comes with two games! Moss is a puzzle game that revolves around the story of an adorable mouse named Quill who needs your help getting back to her uncle before it's too late. Astro Bot Rescue Mission is also a puzzle game revolving around the cutest robots who need your help escaping danger. Both of these games are not only comfortable experiences (meaning they are less likely to cause nausea), but they're also great for the whole family!

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