A Couple Got Married in VR Using Rec Room

A Couple Got Married in VR Using Rec Room
March 30, 2018

A couple met in Virtual Reality and after meeting in person they decided to also marry in VR using the Rec Room app and live happily ever after in both worlds.


They both Met and Got Married in Virtual Reality

Love and Romance aren’t new at all. Ever since the World Wide Web took the world, emailing and instant messages became a natural conduit for love and a facilitator for long-distance relationships. We now have social media, dating applications, instant messaging, and of course, Virtual Reality wouldn’t be the exception to the rule of passion. Virtual Reality is now more popular than ever, so expect this kind of social interactions to become more intimate and personal.


Falling in love online or having an online long-distance relationship is still very uncommon nowadays but not as rare as before. So no surprise that Virtual Reality intimacy could be seen as something unusual. But this doesn’t prevent people to meet new people by using VR social applications and some couples have even proposed marriage to their significant others inside these virtual worlds. AltSpace is one of the popular apps that have already had a few VR weddings inside its world and VRChat is well known to be a place where you can easily make new friends and occasionally find love.


This time the turn was for the light-hearted VR social app called Rec Room to host a VR wedding. It’s considered a unique case because it wasn’t the typical IRL couple that uses Virtual Reality for long distance connections. The couple actually met in VR and used the platform to become even closer and then got actually married in Virtual Reality. Of course, they met in person prior to the marriage, but they spend most of their relationship in the virtual world and this is quite extraordinary.


Love is great and we certainly hope that these stories could replicate in many other places and situations. Now more than ever distance shouldn’t be a barrier to love, so what can be better than Virtual Reality to immerse people in a loving and passionate environment?

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