Console Games Won't Disappear Anytime Soon

Console Games Won't Disappear Anytime Soon
December 1, 2016

"It's gotta be a three or four hundred dollar console."


Despite the rapid advancement in technology, Oculus co-founder Jack McCauley believes that traditional console gaming won't be rendered obsolete anytime soon.


When asked on the latest episode of our monthly interview show IGN Unfiltered where he sees the future of gaming headed many, many years into the future, McCauley said that pricing constraints will keep consoles relevant for a very long time.


"It's gotta be a three or four hundred dollar console, so you're kind of strapped to that," he explained, noting that hardware above that price point doesn't sell particularly well. "It's gotta be in that sweet spot."

McCauley emphasized that the video game business has to cater to a demographic that's large enough to sustain it. "If your demographic is older people who can generally spend more money.... Do they play video games? Pure video games? Not so much," he added.


As such, McCauley said he thinks that video games will be on consoles "for a long time," which, he adds, is reinforced by the fact that we already have a well-established system designed specifically "to publish and sell games on a console watched on a television."


This month brought with it the release of PlayStation 4 Pro, an enhanced version of Sony's console, which lead architect Mark Cerny says "is not the start of a new console generation, nor is it a console that's going to blur the lines between generations."

For more on McCauley's thoughts on the industry, including the viability of VR within the realm of gaming, check out our full IGN Unfiltered interview with the Oculus co-founder and brilliant creator behind several other technological marvels, including USB and the scrolling mouse wheel.

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