Clean Freaks Can Now Spy On Maids In AR

Clean Freaks Can Now Spy On Maids In AR
February 8, 2017

Never miss a spot again with AR-Check - the augmented reality cleaning app.


Cleaning is a bore. But that doesn’t stop neat freaks from worrying about it constantly.


Now, one company wants to make sure you (or your cleaner) never miss a spot again.


And its novel virtual kit even makes cleaning it look rather fun.


Virtual cleaning?


In our 2017 predictions, we said that this year would be the year of ‘mixed reality’ – where virtual worlds start to break out of the headset and project into your home.


And AR-Check, which launched in Germany in 2014, is a great – if anal – example of this.


You just need a pair of smart glasses (any commercially available pair will do) and the system’s smart sensors that can be fitted to your vacuum cleaner, mop or gloves.

Squeaky clean = green


AR-Check works by adding a layer of digital information onto your surfaces (like windows and floors) that virtually maps out where your have and haven’t cleaned.


You might not be able to see each speck of dust, but it’s obvious when red ‘uncleaned’ areas have yet to turn green.


The software can also virtually signpost the correct cleaning procedure for each job, or the right tools and chemicals to be used in a specific environment.


Its sensors even let you know how hard to scrub…


“Wearing smart glasses will be new, but operating them requires no greater knowledge than when using a smartphone,” AR-Check founder Martin Cudzilo told the European Cleaning Journal today.

Big brother is watching


Cudzilo, who has run his own Frankfurt cleaning company for over a decade, developed AR-Check because of the “vast scope for error” in the industry, and hopes it will be internationally available within two years.


With this in mind, AR-Check essentially acts as a digital record. Yes, you can monitor your own efforts, but you can also keep tabs on how thoroughly your cleaner is doing their job.


If this sounds a little Orwellian, Cudzilo also proposes making cleaning into a Pokemon Go!-style game in which “little dirt monsters” are eliminated to increase the cleaner’s ‘score’.


“Combining gaming with work could motivate the cleaner to achieve higher levels of cleaning. People can and should enjoy their jobs,” he says.


Just don’t expect your cleaner to love the idea as much as you do.

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