Can VR Hypnotherapy Increase Productivity?

Can VR Hypnotherapy Increase Productivity?
November 18, 2016

A friend of mine posted on her Facebook that she would give a free hypnotherapy session in exchange for an honest review of her services to the first five people who said commented. I write reviews anyways so I signed up for a demo of live Hypnotherapy.


I have never purchased Hypnotherapy for because I was basically skeptical of it, and because it’s not widely available.


However this particular Hypnotherapist also has her own VR app, which I have tried, which I can attest to the fact that it is amazing. When you are in the VR app it feels so soothing, like the easiest meditation, like an escape from reality. You hear a professional hypnotherapists voice talking to you, calming you, and taking you on an amazing voyage in Virtual Reality.

Floating Euphoria VR image capture


Her name is Page Turner and her VR Product is called Floating Euphoria and it is exactly what is called. It is a profoundly effecting emotionally experience that has tremendous value above and beyond other therapeutic VR apps that I have tried.


But today I wasn’t going to try her VR product, today I was going to try a live personal hypnotherapy session over VR. I won’t go into detail too much about Page’s session because her style is her IP, but what I can say is that she guided me into the most peaceful place, where I was able to let go of my fears, and focus on noticing how easy it was to embrace the goals I wanted to achieve for myself, the goals I talked about with her before we started the session.


After that I felt so amazing for the rest of the day. I achieved so much, which was really my goal, to achieve more each and everyday. I can’t explain the value of what she can do in words, you have to feel it for yourself. Her services are worth many hundreds of dollars.

With regard to her VR product: Floating Euphoria. I know that Page is currently looking to expand her product to new platforms and she is looking for 360 Film Makers with CGI experience to help her make her next high quality Floating Euphoria product. So contact me at if you are interested in helping her take her project to the next level and I will pass your information along.

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