Blake Shelton Needed A Barf Bag After VR Ride

Blake Shelton Needed A Barf Bag After VR Ride
April 7, 2017

Blake Shelton guest-starred this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During Shelton’s visit, the country music star toured Jimmy’s brand new ride at Universal Studios. The host of The Tonight Show moved his television set to Orlando this week in order to celebrate the opening of his new ride today, April 6.


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While chatting with reporters from USA TodayJimmy Fallon spoke of his experience in developing the new virtual reality ride, “Race Through New York,” for Universal Studios, Orlando.


“I worked on it with my two writers for three and a half years. They said no to nothing and yes to everything right down to the pizza smell [that is piped in as part of the ride’s 4D sensory effects]. I wanted it to be a love letter to New York so people could see how great the city is. I was born and raised in the state, and I love New York.”


Heading through the building of the new ride, Blake Shelton pretended to be less than impressed with the scenery. He took to poking fun at Fallon and allowing boredom to take over. Before enjoying the virtual ride, the pair sarcastically swapped critical stabs at each other.


While walking by a photograph of Jimmy Fallon, Blake Shelton mentioned that Fallon reminded him of Potsie from the television show Happy Days. Then, while passing by a booth dedicated to Jay Leno and his many awards, the Voice star reminisced about when The Tonight Show was actually a good show.


Jimmy Fallon didn’t stand mute; he poked right back, slamming the star of The Voice with insults. Fallon brought out a performing a capella group, Ragtime Gals, asking them if they could sing something by Blake Shelton. The group couldn’t comply since “they didn’t know any” of his songs. They did, however, make up a poor excuse of a song in Shelton’s honor.


Watch @JimmyFallon's Ragtime Gals perform Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back" — Hollywood Reporter (@THR) April 5, 2017


Finally, while standing in the roped-off area where a line would be on opening day, Shelton told Fallon that Universal Studios didn’t even give him a “real ride,” asking him how it feels to look at all of the “real roller coasters” and Ferris wheels out there and realize that he got the short end of the deal.


After taking a quick shot of vodka, provided by Fallon, they start the ride. Shelton did admit that “Race Through New York” was worth riding. They rode with smiles on their faces, and when the ride ended, the pair exited the doors, Blake sweating profusely.


“I almost need a barf bag,” said Blake, which is Shelton jargon for a compliment.


Later, when Blake and Jimmy appeared on The Tonight Show, they spoke about his absolute disdain for roller coasters and mullets.


Blake Shelton Nearly Puked on Jimmy's Tonight Show Ride 
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While speaking with Shelton on The Tonight Show, Fallon brought out an old photograph of Blake sporting a mullet. The audience cheered loudly as Blake defended his old style choices, claiming that it was not only cool back then, but it cost less to get half of your hair cut.


Eventually, Blake got his wish and was finally able to do what he arrived in Orlando to do, which is perform. Shelton’s rehearsal for the show taping went smoothly, and his performance on The Tonight Show ended in a stream of fireworks.


Blake Shelton in rehearsal for the Tonight Show taping at Universal. — bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) April 4, 2017


If you haven’t already seen the banter between Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, you can watch it in the video player below. It appears that Adam Levine is not the only person Blake throws shade at.

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