Bill Gates Wants You To Join The VR Future

Bill Gates Wants You To Join The VR Future
April 10, 2017

"Hello, my name is Bill Gates, super nerd. Join me as I use these technology goggles to take you into the feeeeeewchaaaaah!" 


Of course that's what the co-founder of Microsoft was thinking when he posted Sunday what might be his nerdiest photo yet (and he has a bunch), all in the service of promoting his new Samsung Gear VR channel. 


This pic of Gates donning a VR headset while looking wistfully into the distance, mouth agape and mind enchanted by the awe and wonder of VR is the latest unintentionally embarrassing photo to involve a celebrity looking unnatural while using tech to make the rounds. But Gates is no stranger to VR. 

Last year, he took one of his favorite science fiction writers, Neal Stephenson, for a ride in a Tesla and let us all come along via the magic of VR technology. But this new Gear VR promotion hints that we can expect Gates to get a lot more serious about the emerging platform. 


When you open the Samsung VR app, Gates now appears prominently in the Featured section, where you can immerse yourself in his geek adventures and conversations with the likes of his fellow billionaire Warren Buffett. 

Aside from Gates' tweet, we don't know how often his Gear VR channel will be updated, but it has to be a bit awkward for the Microsoft HoloLens team to watch their co-founder promote a competing platform. 


But that's their problem. In the meantime, if you have a Gear VR and a Samsung phone, you can check out Bill's adventures in VR here


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