Augmented Reality Goes Beyond Pokemon Go!

Augmented Reality Goes Beyond Pokemon Go!

Lions, tigers and Bulbasaurs (oh my)! Go beyond Pokemon Go and explore some of the latest NSF-funded research to augment our senses with computer-generated graphics. Augmented reality integrates “spatially registered” media with our real-world view of the environment. Researchers at Georgia Tech are building tools to enable non-technologists to more easily mix real and virtual elements to create augmented reality environments for all sorts of purposes, from entertainment to industry to medicine, and much more.

And remember, NSF-funded research was instrumental in making smartphones—and their games and other apps—possible: multi-touch screens, lithium ion batteries, computer graphics, digital signal processing, CAD used in designing silicon chips, wireless communication research that led to advances in 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi, and more. If you can’t imagine life without a mobile phone, you can’t imagine life without NSF-funded research.

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