AR Revolutionizes Our Study Of Anatomy

AR Revolutionizes Our Study Of Anatomy
February 13, 2017

It’s an exciting time for the world of medicine and technology who together are giving us a new way to learn about anatomy.


Award-winning medical and fitness software creators, 3D4Medical, has been designing and developing apps used around the world combining world-class medical knowledge and real anatomical structures for both education and for clinical use. They continue to create the most detailed anatomical models available for consumer use now with the help of augmented reality technology.


The interactive and immersive technolopgy is like what we see at Tony Stark’s workstation in Iron Man:


Revolutionizing the learning at medical schools, 3D4Medical explores and uses 3D technology and other emerging platforms in transformative ways.


They’ve also been working on Project Esper, which is one of many projects that represent the reflected possibilities of medical learning and patient education. It’s a mixed reality anatomy project which brings medical technology into the real world, showing a 3D representation of a living, breathing human body.

Using augmented reality, we are now able to explore and interact with an extremely detailed and accurate model of the human body in a new immersive way.


Project Esper gives medical students the ability to simulate dissections without the need for a cadaver in a lab. Professors and teachers can also use the augmented reality tool to isolate and enlarge organs and body regions. Practitioners can also use this as a way to show patients in real-time, a real-life scale of how their bodies should be functioning contrasting it with conditions that patients may be experiencing.

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