AR Is The Next Tool To Explain Weather

AR Is The Next Tool To Explain Weather
May 13, 2017

FOX23 stays on the cutting edge of new ways to keep viewers informed about weather in Green Country.


In the last month, the FOX23 Severe Weather Team launched augmented reality which uses 3-D objects to explain why different types of storms and threat are moving in.


As augmented reality is used more in our forecasts, FOX23 Chief Meteorologist James Aydelott explains how it works.


The technology is an interesting way to show or explain different types of things.


Putting this new program on air can be an extensive process. Things have to be planned ahead of time and discussed among the FOX23 Severe Weather Team to make sure we're creating graphics that explain what people need to know.


Augmented reality is just the latest way the FOX23 Severe Weather Team works to bring the latest in weather information to keep viewers safe.

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