This AR Girlfriend Will Join You In The Real World

This AR Girlfriend Will Join You In The Real World
March 12, 2018
Meet your virtual companion - 3DHoloGirlfriend wants to build your dream girl


If you thought the female AI from Blade Runner 2049 was cool, you have to see this new augmented reality girlfriend.


FORGET Tinder, the launch of the first virtual girlfriend could bring about the next digital dating reboot.A US firm is building 3D holograms of women that you can interact with using a Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality (AR) headset.


Unlike virtual reality, AR overlays graphics on a real-world environment (think Snapchat's playful lenses). Just slip on a headset, and a "sexy girl" will be plumped on your sofa or bed, promises 3DHoloGirlfriend. And, in the coming weeks, you'll be able to talk to her using voice commands, courtesy of an upcoming update.

Virtual reality porn has already opened the floodgates to more immersive adult experiences.


Smut sites like PornHub and (which describes itself as the "Netflix of VR Porn") already boast hundreds of adult videos filmed in the nascent format.


And, some of the kinky clips even synchronise with interactive sex toys to mimic the onscreen action.

Ryan Gosling, right, interacts with his lifelike virtual girlfriend in Blade Runner 2049


3DHolographicGirlfriend thinks its virtual companions are the next big thing in adult entertainment. But there are limitations to the sexy AR tech, which is currently in its test phase.


There are presently only four character models available to users, according to the company's website.

Blade Runner 2049 – A large holographic ad for Joi, the film's fictional female AI, points at Ryan Gosling, right


And though they encompass a range of ethnicities, they all look, well, virtual. So don't go expecting a lifelike AI girlfriend in the vein of Joi from Blade Runner 2049.


But 3DHoloGirlfriend claims more virtual girls, built with user feedback, will regularly be added to its line-up. The firm's long-term plans also include throwing AI into the mix, making the girls smarter in "both sexual and non-sexual ways".

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